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Why Choose Telus Pure Fibre?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Telus is a well-known and widely preferred network operator in Canada. They offer a range of services in the country. At present, they are the only major provider to offer a 100% fibre internet network in Western Canada.

The Telus pure fibre connection makes use of fibre optic internet cables, which provide higher speed and efficiency than the regular internet connection. This technology has greatly contributed to the popularity of Telus in North Vancouver and beyond.

With the connections being available from all Telus mobility stores in Vancouver, the number of Telus users is on the rise. But what makes Telus PureFibre stand out from the rest of the internet access providers in Canada? Let's find out below!

What Makes Telus PureFibre A Good Choice?

1. Highly Reliable Connection

Networks running on traditional copper wiring often suffer from connection speed issues for a variety of reasons. To avoid this, Telus offers a fibre optic internet connection and promises high reliability.

In other words, since they use only fibre optic cables for internet access right up to their customers’ homes, there are minimal chances of slowdown even during peak hours. This gives Telus a greater advantage over most of its competitors.

2. Super Fast Internet Speeds

Fibre internet has attained great popularity because of its reliability and higher speed capacity. But what is fibre internet and what makes it different from other traditional internet networks?

Well, unlike copper wire networks that transmit data in the form of electric pulses, fibre optic cables make the use of light signals. The use of fibre optic technology allows Telus to provide faster and more consistent internet to its users.

In fact, Telus PureFibre offers lightning-fast upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps, which is far higher than those offered by their competitors. And that's not all, Telus is also working towards developing its revolutionary PureFibre 5G network that aims to change Canada’s internet connectivity for the better.

3. A Variety Of Available Plans To Meet Your Requirements

People opting for Telus Pure Fibre have the option to choose from many internet plans depending on their individual requirements. All plans come with Telus Wi-Fi that extends full connectivity to every part of the house.

These subscription plans vary depending on the upload and download speeds as well as the number of devices that can be connected to the network at a time. Interested customers can reach out to any of the Telus mobility stores in North Vancouver for more information on the plans available in their area.

Summing Up

To sum up, Telus offers the fastest and most reliable internet connection in Canada at present and is working on extending the services throughout the country. But that's not all, Telus runs programs like the Internet for Good that extend internet facilities to low-income families in Canada. So, by choosing Telus, not only will you get a reliable and high-speed internet connection, but support a good cause too!

At present, the services aren't available at all places in Canada, but the operator is taking steps to extend their coverage. One can contact the Telus Lougheed mall store or any Telus/koodo store in Vancouver for details regarding installation or purchase.

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