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How Do You Know The Uploads And Downloads Of Your Home Internet Service Is Good?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Internet providers in Vancouver have been upping their internet speed game for some time

now. Canada used to be known for having the worst upload speed among the developed

countries. However, TELUS home internet providers and lots of Vancouver internet providers

have begun to challenge this notion.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission predicts that 90 percent of Canadian homes and workplaces would access internet download speed over 50 Mbps and upload speed passing 10 Mbps by the end of 2021. Cities already have this much speed, but the rural areas are still lacking. For example, high-speed internet in Vancouver can reach up to 1000 Mbps. What about the internet plans from your service provider? Are they enough?

What Is A Good Download Speed?

By download speed, we mean exactly how long it takes for your internet service provider to

present you with the data you requested. In general, 50 Mbps is a good base. However, a higher internet speed is desirable for anyone streaming 4K or sharing the internet with more than 3 people. In lots of Canadian cities, the download speed can easily touch the 1500 Mbps mark. Yet, there are rural areas that do not even get 25 Mbps.

TELUS home internet is supposed to provide the same upload and download speed, which is a rarity in itself.

What Is A Good Upload Speed?

The upload speed is the time it takes for the information you sent to reach your service

provider. It is time it takes for you to upload a picture or video on Instagram. At this point, you will notice service providers promise a way lower upload speed than download speed. This is because most people spend their time downloading stuff on the internet rather than uploading anything.

Usually, a 10 Mbps upload speed works out for regular users. However, say you are a twitch

streamer with an excellent live following, you are going to need better upload speed. Usually, for cable internet, there are rare cases where upload speed ever goes beyond 30 Mbps. If you want a higher upload speed, say one that even touches 1 Gbps, look for providers who use fiber optics.

How To Know Your Internet Speed?

A good way to find out is to do one of those internet speed tests. Service providers usually state the maximum speed their upload and download speed can reach. However, most connections don’t go close to that mark. The problem lies when the speed does not even go to 50 percent of the promised number.

Check if your internet speed is satisfactory. Then, check out the Vancouver internet providers and see which one suits you best. Reports state that TELUS has the highest satisfaction score.

Final Thoughts

Most people in Canada use cable internet. The download speed is satisfying, but it is the upload speed that brings the mood down. Fibre optics provide the best service, whether it is upload or download speed. Unfortunately, it is not available everywhere in Canada. TELUS has the biggest grip on Canadian households for this reason.

PCMag crowned them the first internet providers 2 years back to back. Their PureFibre

technology promises a performance upload speed matching the download speed. A Koodo

mobile holder would also have access to TELUS’ internet services without having to purchase extra hardware.

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